"I've been getting my lashes done now for almost 6 years. I've had a few different stylists and no one compares to the amazing quality and care that Karen provides. Karen always ensures that the application for your lashes are safe and would never compromise their health. Karen is a beautiful person, inside and out, who has always been professional and knowledgeable. I've always been addicted to getting lashes, but since I have gotten them done with Karen, I have never gone to anyone else."
Lash Client -  Raz, Whitby
"I'm not even sure where to start with my thoughts...
Karen was referred to me by my best friend whose lashes were done by her. Prior to going to Karen, I had been in search of a GOOD lash tech juggling through multiple other ladies (6 or 7 others to be exact) and was just not happy - for so many reasons of which the list is too long to name.

My first visit, I was already happier just in the simple comfort of her studio. It was clean, the bed was heated, the music was soothing and it smelled good lol.
But once I got to talking to Karen I very quickly learned not only the extent to her professionalism, but how knowledgable she was in the field. My lashes were SO damaged from previous work that Karen almost wouldn't work on them b/c she was more concerned with me working on getting them back to health than taking my money (this spoke volumes). It was my baby shower the following wknd and I begged her to do them...so she did. But she worked so diligently with me every fill going forward to ensure that my lashes were recuperating from the damage they had endured.

My first appt was on Thursday, September the 24th. Today, my lashes are night and day different. They're healthy, in tact, no breakage, no damage are actually longer than they've ever been and most of all they look FRIKEN awesome!!! I get comments on them legitimately weekly where ppl are in awe of how awesome they look and can't believe they're not real.
Now what I will say is - if you're looking for big, heavy flashy lashes that clearly look fake, then Karen isn't your girl. She will only give you extensions that your lashes can support...because that's how it SUPPOSED to be!

Karen is superb at what she does, and having been to so many other techs, I am 100% confident in saying she is legit THE BEST. I would never go to anyone else, not even if you paid ME to!
Ps - she's SUCH a sweet lady, and a real pleasure to see every 2-3 weeks!!!"
Lash Client  - Terrianne, Oshawa
"I've been a client of Karen's for over a year now and every application she's done for me has been beyond words! I'm complimented on a daily basis on how amazing they look! I've had my fair share of lash applications elsewhere prior to Karen and she is without a doubt the best in this business! When it comes to health and safety she will always take amazing care of each client and do what is best for them. Not to mention she is a wonderful person inside and out! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my lashes!"
Lash Client  - Taline, Oshawa
"Karen has been my lash stylist for over 4 years! And she's amazing! I won't go anywhere else for my lashes! There is a skill & a love needed to do her job and she definitely has both! I feel fabulous every time I get my lashes done! Best decision I ever made. I wake up and go, no need for mascara! Karen is professional, knowledgable and loves making you feel beautiful! Needless to say I'm addicted! #lashaddict #bestlashstylistever"
Lash Client  - Andrea, Oshawa

"Love love love my lashes so much! Karen's expertise and attention to detail is second to none. Lash day is my absolute fave day."

Lash Client  - Alex, Brooklin

"I love love love my lashes!! They are now a part of who I am. Karen is a total professional. Her work is second to none."

Lash Client  - Diane, Oshawa


"Karen is fantastic! Very relaxing enviroment and the lashes are fabulous!"

Lash Client  - Pina, Brooklin


"I have been a client of Karen's for two years. I love my lashes (which are amazingly done) and really enjoy the time I spend with Karen. She is super easy to chat with and who doesn't love listening to a British accent while having beautiful lashes applied?
More importantly, Karen has always put the health and safety of my eyes as a priority. From my first appointment she carefully explained the process and what was expected from me as far as care and upkeep.
In addition, wh...en I have my appointments, I know I will leave with beautiful lashes, she doesn't rush through or only apply a certain amount, she applies until every last lash has an extension. She is very picky and I appreciate that!
I would recommend Karen to anyone interested in trying lash extensions- but beware once you have them, you will love them and never want to use a tube of mascara again!"

Lash Client  - Shannon, Oshawa

"Hello Karen, I'm back from my sister's wedding. Just thought I would let you know what happened. My sister married a person who works in the film industry as such and so there were lots of film professionals at the event. The team that did the make-up and hair for the bridal party were also T.V. and Film industry professionals. All of them remarked on my lashes. Not that they were glaringly obvious or that they were fake, BUT for the workmanship and that they were placed in such a way that they REALLY looked real. They were truly impressed with your work. Just thought I would pass that on.Thanks again for making a very tired working mom feel glamorous!"
Lash Client  - Sita, Brooklin
"Karen makes my eyes and nails look absolutely amazing! You will leave your appointment looking and feeling like a million dollars. The lashes are the perfect accessory, just add lip gloss and I'm ready to go! My shellac nails are always different and I always get lots of compliments on my patterns and glitter. Love her!"
Lash Client  - Nicky, Whitby
"Love love LOVE my lashes! Yeah no more mascara! Karen is so lovely. She was informative, professional and made me feel instantly comfortable. The before and after pictures of my lashes are remarkable. I'm not sure how I lived without extreme lashes prior to meeting Karen. If you want beautiful, quality eyelash extensions - look no further! I am a very satisfied customer!"
Lash Client - Megan, Brooklin
"Thank you sooooo much Karen for my lovely lashes. It was also very nice meeting you today.I am very impressed. And You are the best :) Thank you also for before and after shots. Impressive as well. I didn't know I have such a pretty eyes lol. Have a great vacation. And see you again in July. Very happy client, Dorota S."
Lash Client - Dorota, Oshawa
"I love Glamoholic!! Karen provides professional, quality lash extensions, spray tans & nail shellac! My lashes are gorgeous, I frequently get compliments on how real they look! Love them!"
Lash Client - Andrea, Brooklin
"Such a fun day getting glam-ed up and made beautiful! Lashes -check! Shellac -check! Tan -check! Ready for the beach. Thanks again Karen McKenna for your amazing work!"
Lash Client - Dominique, Brooklin
​​"Thanks so much for my beautiful lashes"​
Lash Client  - Lisa, Ajax
"I am loving my lashes! I stop and look in every mirror at how amazing they look! Thank you for the photo! "
Lash Client  - Taline, Brooklin
"I can't stop admiring how beautiful my lashes look now"
Lash Client  - Melanie, Brooklin
"Thank you so much Karen! You just took 20 mins off a moms daily life! Now I won't be late going anywhere !"
Lash Client  - Danielle, Pickering
"Thx for the pics - so dramatic!!!  LOVE them...  My co-worker can't believe the transformation.  She wants to get some now."
Lash Client - Pauline, Brooklin
"Thanks for the pictures and the lashes.... I LOVE them! I have a ready to go look and I just got out of bed. ..
When I passed by my husband he actually did a double-take! He hasn't done that since we've been married ;0D"
Lash Client  - Ava, Toronto
"In case I haven't mentioned it before, I love my lashes "
Lash Client - Cate, Brooklin
"I have perfect eyelashes for one reason only... Glamoholic "
Lash Client- Dani Elle, Pickering
"thank you... very professional and friendly a+++ work!!!"
Lash Client- Lisa, Oshawa
"Incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, careful & well priced. Karen is simply the best!! Wouldn't trust my eyes to anyone else.
Lash Client- Dominique, Brooklin
"I love them! U were right, everytime I stopped at a light on the way home I had to whip off my sunglasses and check them out in the rearview mirror. See u in two weeks!"
Lash Client- Diane, Oshawa
"Thanks soo much! I am loving the lashes!! You did a great job."
Lash Client- Candice, Whitby
"I love my new lashes!! They're my new secret addiction ;)"
Lash Client- Melissa, Courtice
"FYI...love...love...love my lashes."
Lash Client- Sandi, Lindsay
"Thank you for making me look beautiful!!!! Don't know what I would do without Karen"
Lash Client- Andrea, Ashburn
"Karen is the best! She cares so much about making your lashes look perfect... and they do always do! :)"
Lash Client- Jennifer, Whitby
"Karen is amazing. She is friendly and is a diligent worker. I love Glamoholic! The atmosphere is so relaxing, and getting lashes done is truly a cure to a bad day. I'm sick right now and was sitting in the walk-in clinic when this lady made eye contact with me. She then told me she loved my eyelashes. I still feel beautiful even when I'm feeling the worst! Xoxo love Karen she's wonderful."
Lash Client- Kim, Brooklin
"Thank you again! They feel and look so much better :) You saved my day."
Lash Client - Erin, Whitby (After Glamoholic performed a relash fix and repair on an lash extension application by other salon)
"Thank you for my new look, looks so natural and feels so light and I am so happy!."
Lash Client - Joan, Whitby (After Glamoholic performed a relash fix and repair on an lash extension application by other salon)
"Glamoholic is the only choice in Durham for professional, healthy eyelash extensions. Karen knows her trade inside and out. She will give you a beautiful set of lush lashes, without risking the integrity of your natural lash's health. I thoroughly look forward to my fills in the relaxing oasis that Karen has created. I wake up every morning ready to go...the time I save on make-up every day makes every penny worth while. Thank you Karen!!"
Lash Client - Kat, Oshawa
"I love my lashes and would recommend Karen to anyone looking to have lashes done. I also really liked how thorough she was in explaining all the details. Thanx so much looking forward to my next visit!!!"
Lash Client - April, Colborne
"Karen is a true artist! Professional, thorough and such a lovely person as well."
Lash Client - Megan, Brooklin
"I came to Karen with glue covered lids and lashes about a foot too long. She not only fixed them, she made them look beautiful and has been for a year now. She is quick and painless and the atmosphere is lovely and relaxing. I would (and do) recommend Glamoholic to everyone! xoxo"
Lash Client - Rachel, Orono
"Dear Glamoholic..........I feel so bad.....I hardly come back for fills.....they last so long!!"
Lash Client - Joan, Oshawa
"The best service - always makes me feel beautiful thank you Karen"
Lash Client - Carol, Oshawa
"My first time having lashes and I am now hooked!!! Easy to have them out on. Easy to take care of. Lots & lots of positive comments! Feels good. Looks good. Feel beautiful!!!!"
Lash Client - Eileen, Oshawa
"Hey Karen! So I was at Walmart this morning and some lady stopped me to tell me my eyelashes look amazing, then she asked me if they are mine or extensions. LOL. I couldn't lie so I told her they were extesions. She was totally in love so she asked fo your number, I gave it to her. I told her when she called you to mention that I told her to go to you. I can't express how much she loved them! Thanks for your awesomeness!!"
Lash Client - Lena, Brooklin
"I had a wonderful experience and I love my lashes"
Lash Client - Elysse, Brooklin

What Glamoholic Clients are saying...

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