Through the centuries women spent hours on their beauty regimes, trying to perfect their desired look. For today's woman everything is about speed. What time does she really have for herself in between her career, her family, her household and social commitments? The perfect look has to be easy and achieved with speed! Your prayers have been answered with Eyelash Extensions!

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What can Eyelash Extensions do for you?
  • Longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes..everyday!

  • Say goodbye to fake eyelashes that are glued to your lids!! Bye-Bye strips!

  • Wake up every day with magnificent lashes...no mascara required.

  • Crafted from synthetic polyester so have the least possible chance of allergic reactions with human skin.

  • Safe technique developed by health and beauty professionals

  • Create a younger appearance on many clients

  • Designed to be indistinguishable in size and weight to human lashes.

  • Not heavy...just natural, sexy and dramatic

  • Will darken naturally light coloured lashes

Extensions are individually applied to each natural eyelash


Clients are comfortably reclined on an esthetic bed  with their eyes closed, lower lashes are covered to prevent top lashes from adhering to bottom lashes. The procedure is often referred to as “Beauty Sleep” as it is non-invasive, painless and so relaxing that clients typically awaken to lush, beautiful lashes.

During the application, one natural lash is isolated. One synthetic mink eyelash extension is then attached to the the isolated hair about 1mm from the eyelid so that none of the eyelash extensions actually touch the skin or stick to each other.


The procedure typically takes from 1½ to 2½ hours, depending on the number of lashes applied per eye.

Lash fills are advised every 3 weeks. Like your scalp hair, natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle, which is typically about 60 days. When a natural eyelash matures and falls out, a new eyelash has already been growing and quickly replaces it. People typically shed between 1- 5 natural lashes per day, depending on their individual growth cycles. An eyelash extension will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out. Re-lash appointments are necessary to replenish the fallen hairs and maintain the look.