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Salon Health & Safety Protocols

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Peace of mind... Beautiful lashes in a safe, sanitary environment!

  • All porous surfaces have been removed from the salon. These are surfaces that cannot be adequately cleaned between appointments and include pillows for legs, all blankets, heat pad, massage table cover and all soft furnishings. Sorry not as luxurious as usual but necessary for complete salon hygiene. Please dress comfortably seeing as blankets are no longer provided.

  • Disposable paper covers will be used for the massage table and replaced after every client.

  • Disposable pillow covers will be used for the head rest and replaced after every client.

  • Hospital Grade PreEmpt products will be used to clean, disinfect and sterilize the salon. and all reusable tools. These products are Bactericide/virucide in 1 minute of contact, and chemosterilant in 20 minutes. They are proven to kill the following:

    • mycobacteria e.g. TB

    • Non –enveloped viruses e.g. Norovirus, Rhinoviruses,

    • Vegetative bacteria e.g. E-coli, Salmonella typhi

    • Enveloped viruses e.g. Coronavirus, Hepatitis B & C

  • Surfaces to be cleaned at beginning/end of day and in between client’s include; my workstation, massage table, lighting, doorknobs, light switches, floors, outdoor bell and handrails.

  • I will be wearing a medical/KN95 mask.

  • All clients will be sent an appointment confirmation 24 hours before. This will also ask for confirmation that you are good health. If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone else who is sick PLEASE reschedule. This does not only pertain to Covid-19 symptoms but to ALL sicknesses even a simple headache. Please come only if you feel 100% well.

  • Only clients will be permitted into the salon, no family, friends or children.

  • Please tie hair back if it is long and come make up free.

  • On arrival, please park in the driveway and text 905-431-3646 that you are here. 

  • Bring in essentials only... keys, phone & wallet. A sterilized tray will be provided for these items. 

  • Please leave all shoes on porch upon entering. Foot coverings such as socks or tights must be worn inside the house. No bare feet.

  • Upon entry you will be required to hand sanitize.

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